Sunday, April 17, 2005


Interesting turn of events in the bottom of the 6th in Game 2 of the Sunday doubleheader:

With Harvard up 6-5 and runners on 1st and 3rd, Coach Walsh called for a suicide squeeze with Vance at the plate. The ball was seemingly fouled back, but Walsh objected to the call, saying the catcher had interfered with the play. The umpires conferred, agreed with Walsh’s assessment, and called catcher’s interference on the pitch. The runner from 3rd scored, the runner from 1st advanced to second, and Vance was awarded first. Those of you familiar with Yale’s Coach John Stuper can predict what happened next. Stuper fired out of the dugout to begin verbally abusing the umpires for reversing the call. He was of course ejected.

Ian Wallace then followed up with a double scoring two runs and putting Harvard up 9-5. After the play, Yale second baseman and leadoff batter Zac Bradley threw his own temper tantrum and was duly ejected.

Harvard up 9-5 heading into the bottom of the seventh with Salsgiver in to pitch. In Hanover, Brown's edging closer to a sweep as it has gone ahead of Dartmouth 5-3 as the game heads into the bottom of the 8th...

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