Friday, April 22, 2005

Oh boy...

This amidst this morning's Beanpot coverage in The Crimson:
Anticipating a rainy weekend at division rival Brown (17-15, 9-3 Ivy)—before The Crimson went to press, the Weather Channel predicted an 80 percent chance of showers the entire weekend—Walsh said he pitched Haviland and ace Frank Herrmann against Northeastern to get them regular work.

“We’re counting on that [rain] a little bit,” Walsh said.

If the weather cooperates, Herrmann and senior Mike Morgalis will start games one and two against the Bears, who lost last night at Cornell, falling a game back of the Crimson.

Walsh said he had not decided who to pitch in Sunday’s crucial doubleheader, though he hinted that hard-throwing junior Javier Castellanos would be an option in Game 3.

“I think he’d be a guy that may be used the first day if we need to win,” Walsh said, “which is why I don’t want to say if he’s going to go the second day.”

As for the Sunday finale, Walsh remained tight-lipped.

“We may have a surprise for you for the fourth starter,” he said.

"Surprise" would mean "Haviland doesn't start any of them. Hmmmm. We'll take your bets for the full weekend rotation in the comments section, dear readers. Both of you.


Brian said...

Crockett returns, throws 179 pitches, and it's good night Irene. Walsh declares him a bulldog.

Or, on the day he would be drafted, Ryan Fitzpatrick pulls a Barry Wahlberg.

mb said...

I like the Fitzpatrick idea.

Or, Fitz apparent Liam O'Hagen:

"Senior pitcher Liam O’Hagen led the Mustangs with a .410 batting average. He had 21 RBI on 34 hits. O’Hagen, who will attend Harvard University next year, was also one of the top pitchers. He was 8-0 on the mound and has a 0.27 ERA."

Of course, just to put a real name out there for the chance to look cool later, my money is on Brad Unger, if there winds up being a Monday game.

Faiz said...

By this point in the season, Coach D's stamina should have increased to the point that he may be able to get you 5 solid innings.

I'm going with Salsgiver.

Brian said...

As long we're doing serious guesses ...

Everyone knows it would not be a make-or-break Ivy weekend without Walsh stretching an ace out to the point of inciting second-guessing. 'Suprise on Sunday' means hopefully a bulldog from Game 1 or 2 steps up and asks for the ball again. Best case scenario is one of the Sunday games turns into a Harvard blowout early, allowing Walsh to pull said bulldog in favor of Hodge and Podge, so said bulldog can rest for Monday.

Long story short: unless Harvard takes the first three games and Game 4's starter doesn't matter as much, I predict we see Pete and Repeat this series, meaning either a double dose of Herrmann or else Mikey Mo and Mo Mikey Mo. Crimson reporters planning to tabulate pitch counts should bring fresh college-ruled notebooks, and lots of em, for the occasion.