Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Random Thoughts

So in the second game against Penn, Coach Walsh and the Crimson pulled off the win despite sitting two of its biggest All-Ivy bats, Schuyler Mann and Zak Farkes. Was this a thumb in the eye to Coach Seddon, in essence saying that we don't have to "come to play" with our best in order to win? Kidding aside, it shows how truly deep the offense is.

Second, when's the last time an Ivy Leaguer won both Player and Pitcher of the Week? I think Steffan Wilson's a pretty darn good candidate this week. Wilson picked up a save in Game 1 against UPenn and hit a homerun. In Game 2, he had 2 hits and an RBI. In Game 1 against Columbia, he had 3 RBIs and a save. In Game 2, he hads 2 hits and an RBI. In sum, here's Steffan Wilson's Ivy League "weekend" debut by the numbers:
1: homerun
2: saves
3: scoreless innings pitched
4: runs scored
5: hits
6: RBI

It's going to be interesting to see how the rotation shakes out every weekend. This weekend, it was Haviland, Morgalis, Brunnig, and Meehan. What should be interesting to watch is how Coach Walsh handles the 7-inning games versus the 9-inning ones. So far, he seems to want to a starter + Wilson scenario out of the 7s before progressing with a bullpen-by-committee in the 9s. If Wilson's going to continue to ably fill the closer role, hopefully his arm holds up during the course of the season (in terms of balancing with his 3B duties --- Nick Carter might have some thoughts on that). Also, did Castellanos or Unger pitch well enough to earn the 4th starter spot or will Meehan stay in that spot or will Herrmann reappear (recuperate)?

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