Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stupefaction Live

A great job by Faiz putting that down, as the call was actually much less clear in person.

Walsh took about two seconds to convince the home ump of his cause, then calmly retreated back to his dugout to wait for the fireworks to begin. It took the umps what felt like a solid five minutes to talk this one over, and when they were done and waved Morgan Brown home, Stupor exploded. I haven't seen anything like it since the Brown coach went absolutely nuts in the spring of 2003. Stuper followed the ump around for a bit, felled a dozen bats that were leaning against the Yale dugout and slammed the gate on the way out. And the verbal bits were pretty spectacular as well.

Later in the inning, Yale's Zac Bradley got ejected from the game as well, although it was unclear what prompted his antics there (my guess is he thought Ian Wallace's slide into second base was less than clean). Anyway, his replacement, Josh Cox, had a pretty rough time of it in the field as the game continued to slip away.

Dartmouth has been swept. Next weekend's showdown in Providence will be pivotal. And one wonders when Brown's rained out games with Cornell will finally be played.

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