Thursday, April 21, 2005

So, Joe, it's the Beanpot final. Who are you starting?

As classic as it is predictable:

Walsh did not name a starter for today’s game against the Huskies, who last won the Beanpot in 2002.

With an important division showdown with Brown looming this weekend, he has to be extra careful with who he sends to the mound.

“Hodge and Podge,” Walsh said with a grin. “I think they’ll be pitching for us. We’ve got a big weekend coming up, but we certainly aren’t going to overlook [tomorrow].”

The Crimson also gave us this nice tidbit, something I hadn't realized:

With its first-round victory yesterday, the Crimson not only advanced to the Beanpot Classic final, but ensured that its entire roster will get to make the trip to Fenway.

For day games, Harvard only brings 20 players when it travels due to academic considerations.

“I’m pretty excited,” Mann said. “It’s nice we get to play at 5 p.m., so the whole roster will be there.”

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