Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogger is messing up, but here is what we have so far.

CF Vance
RF Salsgiver
3B Wilson
1B Klimkiewicz
DH Mann
C Casey
LF Wallace
2B Byrne
SS Brown

And Jason "Jay" Brown playing the role of Hodge.


Top 1st Inning

Vance opens up with a liner down the left field line that hits the CVS sign, double. NU starter Jim Madison has started two games this year among his 14 appearances... Salsgiver, on a full count, grounds out 6-3, Vance to third. Stefan Wilson gets dinged on the head on a 2-1 count, 1st and 3rd.... Klim up. Wilson steals second, aided by a terrific slide if none-too-terrific speed. Klimkiewicz skies it to deep center, about ten feet shy of the warning track, runners advance, 1-0 Harvard. Mann lines a 2-2 pitch to left, run scores, Mann to first. 2-0 Harvard. Casey.pops a Madison curveball to right. End first. Sorry for the boxscore language, all, but I am also attempting to fix Blogger.

Bottom 1st:

Emanuele strikes out looking. Sidhu grounds to third. Heriot grounds out to first, Klim takes it himself and beats him to the base.

Top 2nd:

Wallace bloop to center, chased down by centerfielder and caught. Byrne skies one that should've been caught by the catcher next to the dugout, and it falls on the head of some kid who wasn't even looking up despite the charging infielders. Byrne hits the next pitch a ton, and NU's centerfielder makes a terrific diving catch. Brown extends to a full count, walks. Vance up. Brown steals second. Vance bloops one to shallow right, falls between CF/RF/1B, Brown scores.

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