Sunday, April 24, 2005


The start of the Brown series has been pushed back another day due to inclement weather. So much for catching Brown short-staffed. Both teams should have everyone available tomorrow rest-wise--hopefully there aren't any class commitments that will complicate matters for Harvard.

Those looking for a way to pass the time on this rainy afternoon should check out the NY Times Sunday magazine. The author of Moneyball has another must-read piece on two products of the Oakland farm system and the modern game's warped obsession with power stats. Somewhere there's a joke to be made about whizzinators, but it hasn't come to me just yet.


mb said...

Dartmouth and Yale are playing, however.

Faiz said...

Dartmouth and Yale split. Should this back-and-forth continue, it will make this Brown-Harvard series ever more important. With Dartmouth alread four back in the loss column, they're hoping for a split in this series to give them a chance next weekend to sweep Harvard and take the division title (with some help from Yale in their face-off against Brown). Dartmouth almost has to take 2 tomorrow to give themselves a chance.

The goal for Harvard has to be to take at least 3 out of 4. That would give them a healthy cushion heading into the Dartmouth series. Brown's hoping for the same obviously. Should one of them actually get 3 out of 4, that puts the loser of the series in the position of having to sweep next weekend and hope the winner this weekend splits (or worse) next weekend -- tough spot to be in. The lesson of this whole story is how big a difference one game can make this weekend -- a split versus 3 out of 4.