Thursday, April 07, 2005

Notes from the State of Arizona

Steffan Wilson is your Ivy Rookie of the Week again.

Meanwhile, Ben Crockett has checked in with updates on himself and fellow recent alums Lentz, Hendricks and Bridich.

On Faiz's request, here is an update on the Harvard ballplayers that were and still are in Arizona. Unfortunately, most Harvard alums are still in Tucson, and in Phoenix (as far as I know.) Spring training has officially ended, the Major league season has begun, and Minor league baseball is set to begin Thursday, but I'm afraid that several of us will not be listening to a national anthem play on Thursday (unless we watch a big league game that night), but instead will be working out in extended spring training. After Bridich's last post, I threw 2 innings in a game, but inflamed the muscles in the back my shoulder, causing an impingement. Long story short, there is no structural damage, I'm currently feeling quite a bit better after not throwing and rehabbing for a week, and am currently just trying to get my arm back in game shape. Bad timing for an injury, but at this point just appreciating feeling better and working hard to get back asap. Hopefully my stay here won't be too extended...

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