Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kick-Off to Ivy Season Delayed

The weekend series has been delayed a game, just as Marty predicted. The Crimson will now play on Sunday and Monday, beginning in NYC. Here are a couple of snippets from write-ups previewing the weekend series by Columbia and Pennsylvania’s daily papers:

Tomorrow, the Crimson kick off their Ivy Season in the Big Apple against Columbia. Aaron Stewart’s article in the Columbia Daily Spectator had this commentary:

Despite their statistical prowess, especially on the offensive end, Harvard has played seven games in the last eight days. They have been all over the map, with games in Minnesota, Florida, and New York, and fatigue could be a factor this weekend at Andy Coakley Field.

Coming off a 22-3 shellacking by St. John’s on Tuesday, who can fault Lions’ fans for hoping for fatigue?

On Monday, the Crimson will take on UPenn, in Coach Bob Seddon’s last season (he has announced he will retire at the end of this season). Seddon had this prediction about his team’s matchups against Dartmouth and Harvard:

"These are two very good ballclubs that we're playing," he said. "But if we come to play we're going to win."

Coach Seddon, has your team ever won when you didn’t show up to play?

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