Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Revisionist History?

The Brown Daily Herald and the Harvard Crimson seem to have two different accounts of what happened during a major turning point in yesterday's Game 2:

From Lande’s column in The Crimson today:

Sophomore Jason Brown relieved Castellanos, and the first batter he faced, Chris Contrino, lifted a fly ball that fell a few feet foul in front of right fielder Lance Salsgiver—one that the umpire called a fair ball. “I knew it was going to be close, but when I saw it bounce I almost stopped running.” Salsgiver said. “The guys in the bullpen were jogging to get the ball. We all saw the umpire point, and it was a definite moment of, ‘What the heck’s going on?’ It was definitely the wrong call.”

From Charlie Vallely’s column in the Brown Daily Herald:

With runners now on second and third, Harvard brought in side-armer Jason Brown to face co-captain Chris Contrino '05, who entered the game in the fourth when Bobby Wigington '05 was ejected for arguing a strike three call. Contrino delivered, hitting a flair to right that drew chalk from the third-base line. Lowe and Nichols scored to cut the deficit to 7-6.

First of all Charlie, that would be the first base line. Second, Lande doesn’t lie.


Pablo said...

It would also be "flare," not "flair," unless he lifted a decorative button the likes of which were made famous in the movie "Office Space."

Faiz said...

Here's a visual for what Pablo's talking about: