Monday, April 04, 2005

Morning News

In Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine, Michael Ryan writes that it’s time for Fenway Park to be torn down. One of the difficulties, he admits, would be to find somewhere for the Red Sox to play in the interim. He writes:

Since Nickerson Field at Boston University seats about 10,000 and Harvard Stadium, though much larger, is not configured for baseball, there are no existing venues to which the Red Sox could decamp.

Is he talking about Soldiers Field or O’Donnell Field? In any case, I can’t believe either option was even worthy of being mentioned in the column.

Previewing the upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers season, the Los Angeles Times profiles Paul DePodesta, who offers up this quote:

"The one thing that's probably difficult for a lot fans to understand is: I can't be a fan of this team. I can't afford to be. It's not a hobby, it is my livelihood. My family depends on this team, and I depend on this team and the success of this team. So if anybody thinks I don't take this as personally as they do, they are definitely mistaken."

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