Sunday, April 10, 2005

Know Thy Enemy

HANOVER, NH -- There aren't many certainties in life, but the world of Harvard baseball has more than its fair share. In any given season, you can count on …

A Jason Brown popping up on the roster.

A freshman being touted as a "middle-of-the-order guy" in the preseason.

And, the surest bet of all ...

No matter what happens in March and April, the entire season will always comes down to Dartmouth weekend.

Yep, Harvard-Dartmouth is Red Rolfe's answer to Red Sox-Yankees. So why wait until the inevitable May showdown to get introduced to the group Baseball America picked to win it all?

Joe Walsh and Co. may not have the luxury of looking past an entire league schedule's worth of competition, but we do. So, starting today and continuing on an occasional basis throughout the Ivy season, we will venture into the lion's den to keep an eye on the team you love to hate. Just so we know what's looming.

Notes from the Big Green's doubleheader sweep of Princeton (Tiger tidbits included) are posted in the message board section. Get reports on Dartmouth’s 9-2 victory in Game One, and their 2-1 victory in Game Two.

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