Monday, April 11, 2005

SoBB Exclusive: Interview With Bart Brush

SoBB: What was your favorite moment in a Crimson uniform?

BB: It had to be our advancing in the winner’s bracket in Stillwater in 1997 by beating Miami and Stetson back to back.

That was quickly followed by one of my least favorite moments – me starting the following day against Oklahoma State and getting chased in the bottom of the third down 3-0 with the bases loaded. I still think I got squeezed on a couple calls in that outing but . . .

I also think Coach Walsh is still pissed at me (rightfully so) for showing up the ump early in that game. To this day, it still bugs me that I didn’t pitch better for him that day.

SoBB: The Crimson wrote the following about you: “He wore thick glasses and robust muttonchop sideburns and strolled around the right-field bullpen with his uniform shirt untucked and his pitching hand down his pants.” We wanted to give you a chance to comment or clarify for the record.

BB: Pretty accurate. A couple comments: 1) The glasses weren’t necessarily thick and I only wore them occasionally when I pitched. 2) I still have a scaled back version of the same sideburns. 3) Anyone who has played football or baseball in the Northeast should know that you have to keep your hands warm. I can remember putting my throwing/pitching hand down my pants as far back as little league baseball and midget football in cold weather. I still get yelled at to this day by my wife for always having my hand down my pants when I’m lying around at home.

SoBB: Where did you get the haircut in question (La Flamme?) Do you have a picture of yourself circa 1997 that we could see?

BB: I believe it was La Flamme. I think it was the cheapest place in the square to get your hair cut at the time? I’m not about to have an old picture posted and thus embarrass myself any more than I already am by answering these questions.

Check back in tomorrow to read the second installment. Bart will give us his recollections of Coach Walsh's first days on the job...

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Anonymous said...

This is a pretty cool site and I love the fact that it is named after the only pitcher I have ever seen who pitched as if his hair was on fire!

Great site and those teams from '96-98 were great teams!