Thursday, April 21, 2005

More game. I hate blogger.

Brown steals second, Salsgiver flies out to center.

Bottom 2nd.

Bush singles to right. Paquette, who is incredibly slow, grounds to second, runner out at second, wide throw from Brown means Paquette is safe. Dan Milano, wow, homers off the Coke bottle. 3-2. Morizio strikes out looking. Nutting walks. Maher up, Nutting picked off by Brown.

Top 3rd

Wilson's hit to center eludes the centerfielder, who nearly makes another spectacular diving catch. Wilson to third. Klimkiewicz walk. Mann singles to center, run scores, Klim to second. Casey infield popout. Wallace flies out to the warning track in center, Klimkiewicz advances to third. Byrne flies out to left.

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