Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back where we started...

Harvard lost the second game, 10-8, after leading 7-4 in the 6th behind Javy Castellanos. Apparently, a whole lot of Kutler, and a nightmarish conspiracy of errors, bad calls and just plain coughing up what should've been a safe lead. The Crimson remains a game ahead of the Bears heading into Dartmouth weekend. Brown plays Yale. As good as Yale's pitching can be, and as much as Yale is still in it mathematically, Harvard sure didn't want to give a frustrated, underachieving Dartmouth team a chance to ruin its season. But that's exactly what we're looking at this weekend.

If Harvard doesn't win the division, they'll have this game and the first one yesterday hanging over their heads for quite a while.

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Faiz said...

Not knowing the specific character of this team, I'm going to generalize for a bit. There's probably a tendency to spend the bus ride from Providence to Cambridge dwelling on The Two That Got Away. As frustrating as those games were, the Crimson can and should take heart in knowing that they control their own fate. That's always a desirable position. They should certainly have no doubts that they're capable of sweeping Dartmouth, but they shouldn't take the Big Green for granted. I think we can all agree that Dartmouth is better than their record indicates. So, the Crimson's destiny this season lies in its own hands, but they've got a dogfight ahead of them. What's past is prologue... for what promises to be a most entertaining end to the regular season.