Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Wilson Named Rookie, Player of the Week


Alex McPhillips ran a notebook in today's Crimson that was interesting on a few counts.

First, Farkes:
Junior pitcher Frank Herrmann, who pitched five innings of one-hit ball in a 3-2 victory on Sunday, said he was unworried, hinting that Farkes’ absence was only “precautionary.” Coach Joe Walsh could not be reached for comment.
“When I saw that he wasn’t in the lineup,” said captain Schuyler Mann, who trailed Farkes for the team lead in home runs with 11 last season, “I knew it probably wasn’t great. Zak, he’ll do anything to get in the lineup.”
“But I also realize there are people looking out for his best interests,” Mann added. “He can’t do anything that’s going to hurt his professional career, which he’s obviously going to have.”

It'll be interesting to see whether Farkes plays Friday against New York Tech.

Then, demonstrating that you can only get so much from looking at a boxscore, there's this read on Griff Jenkins' debut weekend filling in for Farkes:
Freshman Griff Jenkins complicated coach Joe Walsh’s infield picture with an outstanding debut weekend at second base.
In the first half of Saturday’s doubleheader, he went 2-for-5 with three RBI and three runs. But Jenkins’ composure at the keystone most impressed teammates and coaches.
“He made an awesome play while Frank was pitching, up the middle,” Mann said. “Flipped it up with the glove to Morgan for the force, and almost turned two.”
Most importantly, added Mann, “he showed no fear.”
With several other candidates seeking playing time up the middle, including incumbent sophomore Brendan Byrne, Harvard benefits from an overabundance of infield depth.

One would have to think that Walsh would be more likely to go with Morgan Brown at short with a presumably healthy Farkes at second, particularly since Byrne didn't really get to play much until Brown got hurt last year and hasn't played yet this spring (he's probably still with the NCAA-bound Harvard men's hockey team. But that this level of depth exists is of course always welcome news.

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