Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ivy Leaguers In MLB

In this wonderfully amusing Press-Enterprise write-up (a paper out of Riverside, California) of Paul DePodesta ‘95, the “Dodgers’ Man With a Plan,” we learn about his previous career as a TV show extra on “Homicide: Life on the Street.” But more importantly, the author gives this Major Ivy League Baseball breakdown:

DePodesta is part of a growing cadre of Ivy League-types who are infiltrating baseball's front offices, usually after new ownership takes over and wants to make hard line changes. Theo Epstein, all of 28, who took over as the Boston Red Sox's GM in 2002 when the team was sold, has degrees from Yale and University of San Diego's Law School. The team's director of baseball operations is Peter Woodfork, who has a degree in psychology from Harvard. Michael Hill, the Florida Marlins' assistant GM, has a degree in government from Harvard. Mark Shapiro the Cleveland Indians' executive vice president and GM, has a degree in history from Princeton.

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