Tuesday, March 29, 2005

College Baseball Round-up

Here’s your Baseball America Top 25. Texas is back at the top. Georgia Tech welcomed Miami into the ACC this past weekend by taking two of three games from them in Miami (Tech got smoked in the first game 20-1, but came back to take the next two). Tech went from 5th to 3rd, while Miami dropped from 6 to 8.

In the Lesser Division of the Ivy League: Penn and Columbia kicked off the Ivy season. The big winner was Penn, who took 3 of 4 from Columbia. Princeton took two and lost two to Stony Brook. Cornell wrapped up its Bradenton trip by losing two to Illinois and another two to Ohio State.

In the Red Rolfe Division: Dartmouth went on a little losing spree down in Bradenton. They dropped five in a row to wrap up their trip – Vermont, Northwestern, Ohio State twice, and Northwestern again. Yale beat Pace twice. In Asheville, NC, Brown took 2 out of 3 from UNC-Asheville. They beat Newberry College yesterday and got a big matchup against #14-ranked South Carolina tonight.

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