Friday, March 11, 2005

Pitching Is Key To Season

We have a bit of a discrepancy in the box scores with regards to who pitched for the Crimson today. Minnesota's box score says we threw five guys, Jason Brown relieving Javy Castellanos. The ULL box score shows only four pitchers, no mention of Jason Brown appearing (seemingly, the ULL scorekeepers didn't notice a change on the mound). I'm assuming the Minnesota one is correct which means the Crimson threw five guys today. I think it's safe to assume that pitching is going to be THE key to the Crimson's success this season, and Coach Walsh is experimenting early (and probably often). The rotation should be returning Mike Morgalis and Matt Brunnig, assuming they're healthy. Frank Herrmann, Jake Bruton, and Javy Castellanos are the Crimson's next most experienced starters, suggesting they may be top contenders for the other two weekend spots. And then there are a couple of freshmen who we'll be seeing over the next couple of days who have a chance to contribute significantly, perhaps taking a weekend spot.

There is always a lot of attention paid to the starting pitchers. What shouldn't be overlooked, however, is the opportunity for a go-to guy out of the bullpen to step up and secure a spot -- particularly for a younger pitcher looking to make an impact. In the past, the Crimson has found reliable go-to guys out of the bullpen in Barry Wahlberg, Mike Marcucci, John Wells, Derek Lennon, Mike Dryden, Donny Jamieson, Matt Devine, and Mike Madden, among many, many others (apologies if I didn't mention your name). The reliability of pitchers with the mental toughness to come into any situation and throw strikes and prevent a one-run inning from turning into a four-run inning was, in many cases, a key element of previous Ivy Championship squads.

The glass half empty view is that the pitching does not appear as deep for the Crimson this year as it has been in years past. The glass half full view is that, because there are few set spots, there are opportunities for many to shine. The question is: how are the Crimson pitchers looking at the glass?

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Faiz said...

The quandary of how many pitchers pitched in the game continues... The article on the Crimson sports website notes that 5 pitchers pitched in the game, but the box score lists only four. Moreover, the point of discrepancy seems to be whether Javy Castellanos pitched 2.1 innings or 4.1 innings. The website says he pitched 4.1, but I'm guessing it's the former. Maybe The Crimson's coverage of the game will settle this once and for all. Just an example of how difficult it is to analyze a game that you didn't attend.