Wednesday, March 09, 2005

From Madhu... please read

The following is a post on the Message Board from Madhu. Please read it:

2 asked me to help set up a formal dinner for the team in conjunction with the Varsity Club the night before they play Columbia this year to serve two purposes:

1. Get the guys a good meal, but more importantly,
2. Show support for Wes Cosgriff '06 (LHP)

Wes has testicular cancer that has spread throughout his body. He is in chemotherapy and, last I heard, he was beating it, albeit slowly. I don't know many more details other than that.

Turns out that Wes will not be able to come to a dinner, as his schedule will not permit it. Therefore, we had to cancel the formal dinner.

I would like to see if NYC-area alums would like to get together for a less formal dinner in New York, April 1st. I know some alums will be in town for the weekend anyways.

This could turn into an annual event before either the Princeton or Columbia games, much like the fundraisers that other teams have. The lax team, for example, gets a strong turnout and raises a good deal of money for the program. Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff are not cheap, fellas. Let me know what you think... I will be glad to get us a table at one of New York's finest restauarants... or Brother Jimmy's (I know, Carmack, Brother Jimmy's IS one of New York's finest restaurants. Shut up and go back to your room). Your call.

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Kenon said...

Do we have a mailing address so that we can send something to Wes? Maybe the blog isn't the place to post it, but Faiz maybe you can send out another email to the group if an address is found?