Sunday, March 13, 2005

Gopher Broke

Listening to the internet feed, it was obvious that Walsh and Co. came out extremely aggressively, and while not everything they tried worked (the botched squeeze, a couple guys getting caught stealing to end innings), it was great to see them not rest on the early lead... Hermann did a great job staying poised despite allowing the leadoff man to get on more often than not.

Great win. Minnesota had barely lost to ULL the night before.

And now, the early favorite for Non-Walsh Quote of the Year. Eric Nelson, doing play-by-play solo for, introduces home-schooled hurler Matt Brunnig:

"Matt Brunnig in to pitch, from ... Can that be right? He went to a high school called Home? Home High School? All sorts of pun possibilities with that one ... 'Home goes on homestand.' 'Home to play on the road.' 'Home wins away.' 'Every game's a home game!'"


Anonymous said...

Where do you get radio info? From the other team's websites? Is there a repository for that info?

mb said...

Faiz posted the link to the Gophers' team website before that game, and it was visible there before the game... Unfortunately, it seems to depend entirely on the host schools, and so yes, it would be a matter of checking the other teams' websites beforehand to see who supplies streams.

Come the Ivy schedule, in fact, it may be more difficult than that, since what broadcasts there are aren't necessarily posted on Columbia or Cornell's websites, even though they may be supplied through local (student) radio stations websites.

We'll do what we can to get a sense of these things before the fact and post links here.

Incidentally, I have reason to believe there will be fewer WHRB radio or online broadcasts this year. More on this later this week...