Monday, March 07, 2005

Kenon Ronz (and Birtwell) Update...

While we’re working on a user-friendly posting system for the players (which we’ll alert you to as soon as possible), we wanted to make sure you guys saw this Kenon Ronz post. Recall Ronz got drafted in the 33rd round (970 overall) by the Detroit Tigers in the 2003 MLB draft, where he now plays in the same farm system as John Birtwell (’01, 30th round, 897 overall). After Harvard lost to Princeton in the 2003 Ivy Championship, the typically modest Ronz said this in an article written by Marty: “Baseball’s done so much for me,” Ronz said. “It’s tough to believe it’s near an end. At an end, maybe.” Well, because he's a marathon man who works so hard, it didn't quite turn out like he thought:

Hey all. The CS kid has to make his mark on this piece.
Faiz asked for an update, so here's mine:

I wound up getting drafted by the Tigers in the 33rd round on Class Day 2003. I am currently at Spring Training in Lakeland, FL and I'm hoping to get assigned to our High-A team: The Lakeland Tigers. Of course, I wouldn't complain if they decided to bring me to The Show a little ahead of schedule. Right.
I hang out with Birtwell (and his thighs) at local watering holes. He still doesn't give himself any credit for his wiffle-ball-like movement. He may also still have that disgusting gray shirt he would drool on in between innings at school. In other words, he's still Birty.
Hope to hear from some other fellas on this. Is there a way to open up posts to everyone instead of having all of us non-Shakirs relegated to comments, or is that the idea? Its also possible I just couldn't figure it out. I'm new to the blogging thing.
Have a good one fellas. This could be good.

Thanks for the update. Keep 'em coming.

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