Thursday, March 10, 2005

Walsh's Words of Wisdom

Throughout the season, I’ll try to tally some of Coach Walsh’s best quotes. Maybe at the end of the season we can have a vote on our favorites. Here are some nominees from Pablo Torre’s article in The Crimson today (see Marty’s entry below for a link to the article):

“Hey, we may be the best team indoors in New England right now.”

“Man, you shake hands with that kid and it’s like shaking hands with a shovel.”

“They’ll know how to pronounce his [Klimkiewicz’s] name before the season’s over, I can tell you that much.”

“Right now, those are two guys [Rob Wheeler and Rob Nelson] that have, ‘Play me, play me, play me,’ on the backs of their shirts.”

“To me, the bigger the ballgame, the better your bunting game’s gotta be.”

And from Alex McPhillips’ profile of Deuce in FM:

“When I pick up the phone and I say, ‘hey, it’s Hahvahd baseball callin,’ it’s a dead giveaway,” says Walsh, ever the active recruiter. “Especially when I’m calling some other places in the country. Yeah, I’m a Boston guy… When I make calls down [South and West], they’re on the other end of the line going, ‘who is this guy?!?’”

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