Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bink Is Back

To make sure it gets the honor it deserves. This was posted as a comment to Marty's entry -- from the former tri-captain Erik Binkowski:

Dan, many thanks for your well written words. Also, I am truly grateful for the those who have put this together. This is an awesome idea.

With the upcoming MLB season, the best wishes of success go to Forst (nice press in SI this week; currently not included on our list), Woody (and Rock) and Bridich.

Turning to Harvard Baseball, nothing like getting pumped up for the season opening road trip to Minneapolis in early March. I heard it is great there this time of year. Isn't it getting near the time of the Frozen Four. In closing, I wonder if anyone will lie down in the dugout on this roadtrip and yell "I cannot believe I struck out against St. Johns, while in Minnesota, in the middle of winter. They suck." That comment really only applies to those who remember B. Ralph in 1998 and our road trip to Brown (for those who may not understand, it can be explained).

We need to add Madden to this distribution list.

Send out the APB for Madden. Here's a story about Bink from back in the day. From the Buffalo News, 6/11/96:

BY: MARY JO MONNIN; News Sports Reporter
Erik Binkowski's college choice became easier once the acceptance letter from Harvard arrived in the mail.

The Cheektowaga senior, the valedictorian of his class, considered other Ivy League schools, but chose Harvard. Binkowski, an all-Western New York selection in baseball, will study pre-medicine/economics with the hope of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

"I like the background of the school, the history, and its reputation as being one of greatest institutions, not only in the nation, but in the world," said Binkowski. "Living in the city of Boston has been a dream of mine, where the roots of our nation are."

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