Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Crimson Comments

The Crimson stole 8 bases against Lynn; freshman leadoff hitter Matt Vance had 3.

The rotating lineup continues. Sky got the DH, so Casey caught. No Steffan Wilson -- I think that's his first college game he hasn't appeared in. And I think Rob Nelson made his first start of the season, in left field.

By my count, here's the "depth chart" so far based on who's actually played this season (though I'm not pretending to know who's ahead of whom...):

C Mann, Casey

1B Wheeler, Klimkiewicz, Dukovich, Wolff, Farkes

2B Farkes, Jenkins, Wallace, Meehan, Byrne

3B Klimkiewicz, Wilson

SS Brown, Vance, Meehan

OF Salsgiver, Vance, Wallace, Mackey, Wilson, Friedman, Nelson

Finally, although the Crimson offense has been pretty solid throughout, the defense still leaves something to be desired. The team has a bit of an error streak going -- through the first 10 games of the season, the Crimson has yet to go one full game without committing an error. Hopefully, that's something they can tighten up before the Ivy League season begins. But as long as they keep scoring 10 runs a game, maybe they can get away with it...

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