Friday, April 28, 2006

Two notes on the upcoming LCS

Proving once again that the classiest, most tradition-rich baseball program in the Ivy League resides in Allston, it looks like the Friends of Harvard Baseball ponied up to commission a new trophy, to be awarded from now on to the Ivy League baseball champion. The new hardware will be dedicated tomorrow before the Harvard-Dartmouth doubleheader, and is named for William C. Matthews, Harvard class of 1905 and a pioneer among African-American ballplayers. Sure would be appropriate if the inaugural bestowment of the trophy goes to Matthews' alma mater.

Also, not to burst my own bubble, but it looks like Harvard should be able to host the LCS if they earn the required split this weekend against Dartmouth. I think Marty and I always assumed hosting duties alternated each year between the two divisions, but a check of the Ivy site revealsthe "higher seed" hosts. That sounds right, now that I think about it.

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Anonymous said...

It used to be alternate site, but some point within the last few years, they changed it to the more sensible approach of giving home field advantage to the better team. This is especially appropriate this year, given the disparity (thus far) between the divisions

Mike Marcucci