Tuesday, April 25, 2006

That's a wrap

Tonight's 10-2 loss wasn't all that different from the 10-0 defeat at BC a couple of weeks ago. The defense was better tonight--Morgan Brown was in the lineup (he had missed the previous BC game with a strained hammy)--but the offense, this time without Klimkiewicz, was equally anemic. Ratliff was impressive with the slider; and had he not left one hanging against Salsgiver in the first inning, he would've had a one-hit shutout.

Walsh was very complimentary of BC after the game. Don't take a lot out of this loss. BC is a very good team and Harvard, despite throwing a handful of its best pitchers, doesn't quite have that depth of talent. Stay tuned for Crimson coverage in tomorrow's paper and online; there'll be a lot to read.

Bottom line: Harvard needs Klim back before the weekend...and healthy.

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