Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Post-Beanpot

A hearty thanks to the Crimson's Alex McPhillips for filling in at Fenway. THC's coverage of the Beanpot includes this recap, no BC closure and a nice visit with some Harvard parents. Somehow, there is no mention of Josh Klimkiewicz's injury status. Hopefully we'll find out something official today when the Crimson plays URI, with Ryan Watson listed as your likely starter. Meanwhile, Yale and Dartmouth make up their doubleheader today, not yesterday as I erroneously reported earlier.

Meanwhile, Frank Herrmann's pro diary gets better and better:
Over the past few weeks I have started to see what former Harvard baseball captain Trey Hendricks ’04 meant when he told me, “pro ball just ain’t the same”.

Last summer, when I was trying to decide whether or not to forego my senior year of eligibility and sign a professional contract, I reached out to a lot of people in the “baseball know” whose opinions I respected. Most advised me that signing then would be a great opportunity and something I should really consider. And when I called Trey I expected to hear much of the same.

Having already experienced two seasons in the Arizona Diamondbacks farm system, Trey was able to give me an earnest and startling perspective.

He warned that playing baseball in the minor leagues was really more about developing the individual than about the team-first, “win-at-all-costs” mentality that prevails at Harvard. This is not to say that my current teammates are in any way selfish or that winning is not their ultimate goal but the dugout just seems to lack that same buzz and excitement that is present when playing a Sunday doubleheader against Dartmouth with the Ivy League title on the line.

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