Saturday, April 29, 2006

Harvard loses, 13-8. Magic number is 1.

Very tough loss, letting the game get away earlier on a day when Faiola proved hittable. Harvard missed an opportunity. Now, the Crimson has to win one on the road in Hanover to advance.

Expect to see Jeff Wilkerson against Javy Castellanos in the seven-inning game and Chase Carpenter against either Matt Brunnig or Lance Salsgiver or perhaps Brad Unger tomorrow. Neither Carpenter nor Wilkerson has proven himself unhittable this season, particularly in starts against their earlier Rolfe Division opponents, Yale and Brown.

Meanwhile, Javy Castellanos has been at least passably good, and sometimes much more than that, in every Ivy start this season. It's also worth noting that Harvard has won all of the games Javy's started this year, and hasn't been swept in any Ivy doubleheader since April 2004. I'm feeling pretty good about having Javy out there with the season on the line, largely because I'll never forget another big Ivy game when he showed what he could do up against this kind of pressure. Go get 'em, Javy.

Still, Dartmouth stayed alive and is in a good position. They've got a chance to wrap up the division by winning two games in front of their own drunk, godless fans. We'll see how it goes. I expect Dartmouth college radio to cover the games, although watch out--in the past, these guys have made the WHRB guys, who at least try, sound like Vin Scully. As for live Gametracker, at this point, who knows? Just drive there, darn it!

Other notes:

* Josh Klimkiewicz was 0-for-8 in his return, although some will note that he should've been 1-for-8.
* Silver lining: Matt Vance appears to be out of his slump (4-for-7 today).
* Jay Brown's 77-pitch mop-up outing was huge. Salsgiver, Brunnig, Foushee, Unger, Bruton, Watson and Dukovich are all available tomorrow as a result.

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