Saturday, April 22, 2006

Harvard Sweeps

1-0 behind Haviland in the first game. 8-4 in the second. I didn't see either game, and I couldn't listen to HRB for very long (I mean that multiple ways today. Stop giggling, kids...). Game 1 ends controversially as Brown claims Steffan Wilson's foot came off the bag at first, but the out was called. Game 2 features both Brunnig in relief and another Castellanos save. I'm guessing this means we see Salsgiver start tomorrow. Brian Fallon, for one, is excited.

Dartmouth beat Yale 6-4 in their first game only to lose 2-1 in the second in 12 innings with Faiola going all 12 (!) in a losing effort, meaning that Harvard has gained ground on everyone today.

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