Saturday, April 01, 2006


We'll get to the routinely underrated Josh Klimkiewicz's two-homer game at some point later (as well as Steffan Wilson's recent discovery of April moonshots, one that seems to be working out well for all involved). We'll eventually wonder what it means that Jason Brown appears to have become the Crimson's closer, and ponder the cosmic significance of Matt Brunnig's 2-for-4 showing as the DH today. Let's put all of that aside for the moment and simply say: Welcome to the Ivy League, Adam Cole.

Cole (W)7.262211210

At some point, we'll go into the archives and try to dig up the last Harvard Ivy League pitching debut that was this promising, and in this big a game. For now, let it suffice to say that I can't wait to see this guy at O'Donnell.
Pretty good day for the Crimson. Two big road wins over a foe that routinely makes it to the end, two very strong performances by the frontline starters and a nice display of pop. Hopefully they can keep it going tomorrow against Cornell, which split with Dartmouth today. And hopefully, Princeton will show up angry against the Big Green.

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