Sunday, April 16, 2006

Señor Senior strikes again

So how about Javy Castellanos, who earned the first complete game win of his four-year career today? Over his last four appearances in league competition, including yesterday's one-pitch save, Javy's line reads as follows:

19 2/3 innings, hits, 6 earned runs, 10 strikeouts, 3 wins and a one-pitch save.

Josh Klimkiewicz drove in five runs today, including the first three, and the Crimson roughed up started Jon Hollis pretty good. 12-2 final.

Game Four coming up, but apparently the pro radio folks are going home for Easter or something... We'll check in a half hour, see if Yale radio steps in.

UPDATE: Yale radio seems to be doing softball, not baseball.
UPDATE: Nope, baseball. Thanks, commenter Jessica.


jessica said...
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Kanoe said...

clever title... javy castellanos is my personal favorite member of the harvard baseball team =)