Sunday, April 30, 2006

One for all the marbles

Harvard has lost the first game, 4-0. Javy Castellanos actually pitched reasonably well. The big concern is hitting: Vance, Salsgiver and Wilson were a combined 1-for-10, and no one hit for any power.

As demoralizing as this is, there's no time to dwell on it. The biggest game of the season looms. Destiny, meet Matt Brunnig. Matt Brunnig, destiny.

In his last start, Yale slapped Chase Carpenter around to the tune of 11 hits and 9 runs (7 earned). Game before that? 13 hits, 5 runs to Brown. We can only hope for more of the same here.


Anonymous said...

one positive: it appears Klim is out of his slump (8-0) from yesterday, going 2-3 today. now if he can just ignite the rest of the offense. . .

Anonymous said...

He did....check out the second game.........KLim has got to be the "constantly" MOST UNDER RATED PLAYER...Klim went 6 for 8 with 4 RBI's. He seemed to be on base all the time. Scouts best take notice.