Friday, April 07, 2006

Some cause for concern...

Sophomore Matt Vance, the team’s de facto leadoff man—his ten steals lead the league—will be conspicuously absent from the outfield.

Vance stayed home yesterday to visit with doctors about what appeared to be a torn labrum, the principal muscle of the throwing shoulder.

Until Sunday’s game against Cornell, he had been playing through pain in centerfield. Vance denied that he would opt for surgery this early in the season, saying he planned to resume his normal place in the lineup for the rest of the season, probably at DH.

Departed slugger Zak Farkes ’06-’07 battled a similar injury early in his Harvard career, undergoing surgery in the summer after a 2003 sophomore campaign in which he set the Harvard single-season home run record.

In Vance’s absence, the Crimson managed only nine baserunners and two runs after senior Lance Salsgiver led off the game with his third home run.

Needless to say, our best wishes to Matt. We hope it's something that isn't quite so serious, and we hope it's something he can play through. How tremendous has Vance been this season?

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Salsgiver hit in the leadoff spot today, and I imagine that's where we'll see him if it turns out it's best for Vance to eventually sit. But the injury's been there all season, and he hasn't been too affected by it as far as results go... something to keep an eye on.
Vance was in the outfield through the first Ivy weekend. We probably won't see him out there, so pencil him in at DH for the rest of the spring, or as long as he can go. When Vance has DHed this season, Salsgiver and Matt Rogers have spent the most time in center field. This could result in Rogers getting back in the lineup a bit more... or Salsgiver playing center and Tom Stack-Babich Chris Mackey playing the corner outfield positions.


Anonymous said...

Do you guys keep up-to-date season stats for the players? Or, do you know where they can be found? Thanks!

mb said...

Harvard keeps stats here:

Anonymous said...

Vance back in the lineup tomorrow....