Friday, May 20, 2005

Very Early Seeding Indications

So far, there have been three teams who have qualified for the NCAA regionals: Harvard, Army, and North Carolina A&T. I think we should be the highest seed so far. Army, 37-11, hasn’t faced very tough competition all year. North Carolina A&T’s 27-25 record wouldn’t appear to stack up well next to Harvard’s 27-15 record, and I’m not sure the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference is so much stronger than the Ivy League to justify placing them above us.

Quinnipiac, Sacred Heart, Monmouth and Wagner play for the Northeastern Conference title this weekend. Quinnipiac (23-19) is the #1 seed. I would think that Harvard’s recent win over them gives us the edge over whoever ends up being the winner of that conference as well.

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