Sunday, May 01, 2005

Playing for the Right to Face Cornell

Congratulations to Coach Tom Ford and the Cornell Big Red. They clinched the Gehrig Division Title with their Game 1 win today over Princeton, 4-3. For the first time in ten years, Princeton will not be representing the Gehrig Division in the Ivy Championship.

Cornell recovered well from their 1-5 start to the Ivy season, losing twice to Harvard during that span. In that doubleheader, Frank Herrmann shut down the Red bats over 7 innings and Klim and Mann had 2 hits and an RBI to pace the Crimson to a 3-1 victory. In Game 2, Mike Morgalis and Steffan Wilson combined to shut down the Red bats once again and the Crimson scored 2 runs in the 7th inning off Brown and Wallace RBI singles to win 2-1.

Back to the present, we're told by the WHRB broadcasters that Brown is up 8-4 in its first game against Yale. Harvard is down 6-3 presently to Dartmouth -- the one shining moment being a three-run bomb from Private First Class Doggie Wheeler. Way to go Doggie! Need a win...

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