Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Ivy League: Scott-free?

Duke's baseball coach has resigned and Princeton's Scott Bradley has emerged as a frontrunner for the job. Bradley, who played college ball for UNC, is no stranger to that part of the country.

Should Bradley leave Princeton, this would be a huge development for the league, and in some ways a very unfortunate one given his accomplishments. Winning four of the past six Ivy Titles and nine straight Gehrig Division championships before Cornell's breakthrough year this spring, Bradley's program has produced most of the league's standout pro prospects over the few years.

Of course, one could also see it as an opportunity for the generally stronger Rolfe Division to rack up Ivy championships in the forseeable future.

Stay tuned.

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Faiz said...

Bradley's teams over the past five years have repeatedly ventured into North Carolina to take on UNC and Duke (and Virginia and NC State as well). Of course, scheduling those games may have made sense because those ACC teams are top-quality and nearby. However, scheduling as he did, Bradley certainly increased his exposure in the ACC and has ensured he's not a stranger to the conference. Anyone else think that might be one of his first talking points in the interviews?