Friday, May 06, 2005

Ivy Awards: Wilson ROY

In addition to announcing this weekend's rainout, the league also announced its end-of-season awards. Among the highlights: Steffan Wilson is your Ivy League Rookie of the Year, as well as the unanimous selection at third base and your second team selection as a relief pitcher. Schuyler Mann is the first team catcher, and Farkes is (unanimously) the utility guy. Lance Salsgiver is a second team outfielder and (surprisingly? maybe not so much, looking at the numbers) Morgan Brown the second team shortstop. Honorable mention to the three-man rotation and Josh Klimkiewicz. Brown's Kutler is Player of the Year, Sowers Pitcher of the Year, and both shock no one.

Klimkiewicz could've easily been a first teamer in what may have been the most difficult position, and was arguably the best hitter on the best team in the Ivies. But his numbers did fall a bit during the Ivy stretch (Sawyer by contrast got hot in the Ivy season), and that must've done it.

Looking at the season as a whole, though, with OBP, SLG, HR and RBI:

Klim: .408 / .602 / 8 / 31 in 36 games.
Sawyer (Yale): .381 / .494 / 0 / 23 in 40 games
Holden (Columbia): .420 / .575 / 5 / 27 in 38 games.

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Faiz said...

My first reaction, too, was that Klimkiewicz got robbed. But he unfortunately went up against Columbia and Yale's best players. I'd still take Klim.

I think Ian got robbed of at least an honorable mention. He's been a steady performer throughout the season. A little surprised by the Brown selection, only because he missed the entire Dartmouth series. That means he impressed everyone else he played against. If only Doggie had more at-bats...

I think what should excite the Crimson is you can easily see a few All-Ivy performers that didn't get mentions: Matt Vance, Brendan Byrne, and perhaps Andrew Casey. Hopefully, Castellanos next year as well.

I remember Coach Walsh once saying he'd love to win an Ivy Championship where no one on the team was named to the All-Ivy team. Far from that this year. The Crimson should be proud of the fact that not only do they have solid individual performers, but they all elevate each other's value.