Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Awards and a game.

Zak Farkes has been honored for his return to form, and Matt Vance is the Ivy Rookie of the Week. Also, there was a relatively meaningless game yesterday. And there's a Crimson piece about Ivy Leaguers in MLB front offices that mentions a few familiar names.

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Faiz said...

I know the conventional wisdom is that yesterday's loss to Northeastern was "meaningless," but I have a different take. Looking ahead past the Ivy Championship for a moment (which we should generally avoid, but I'm going to make the leap), I think the Crimson could have been in serious competition for a late 3 seed or high 4 seed. Some people might scoff at that, but if you look at Stanford (ranked #24 with 24-15 record) and Southern Cal (ranked #25 with a 27-15 record), it's hard to argue by record alone (we're now 24-15) that we don't at least deserve a 3 seed.

The seeding would mean the difference between facing a true powerhouse like Cal State, Tulane, Florida OR a second tier SEC or ACC team like Miss or South Carolina or NC State. Or maybe even a northeastern or midwest team (the Big 10 or Big East champions).

Strength of schedule and the defeat of solid opponents is going to be a huge factor for the Crimson. The loss to Northeastern hurts that cause quite a bit. Prior to the loss, we had some solid victories against St. John's, Minnesota, and Northeastern previously in the Beanpot championship. But we also have some key losses that will detract from a 3 seed (Louisiana-Lafayette, FIU, FAU, BC, and a trouncing by Rhode Island). I may have been overly optmistic in hoping for a late 3 seed -- the Northeastern loss may have closed the door on that. Hopefully, we can still get a high 4. But first, we have to take care of Cornell.