Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So Now Then

One game back of Brown going into four this weekend with Dartmouth.

Brown plays Yale, a decent but underachieving team that needs to sweep Dartmouth to have a chance at the division championship.

Harvard plays Dartmouth, a bad team with no hope of winning the division, but a proud program that always makes these games difficult for its archrival, no matter how insignificant they may be.

Harvard presumably throws a fully-rested Perlman (my information is that he's fine, but was just unable to throw on 3 days) and Brad Unger in Hanover Saturday. Presumably, you throw Shawn Haviland in the early game Sunday, lest you risk saving him for a meaningless game. And then it's young Boomer Eadington to start a nine-inning game that could mean everything for this team, on a team with all kinds of bullpen question marks right now.

I still like Harvard's chances. Just take care of business.

Who was out there for the Yale games? Hit the comments.


Anonymous said...

Haviland sparkled in game one, easily the best he has thrown this year. Byrne continues to hit the ball hard nearly every trip to the plate. The second game was an unmitigated disaster. Cole was overthrowing and never found a rythym and a parade of Harvard hurlers followed and struggled. All in all, a split is a split, and 13-0, while it may sting, only counts as one loss.

Anonymous said...

Haviland was impressive. Cole was not. Complete opposites. One hammers the strike zone and makes out pitches. The other is behind in the count all the time.

Byrne and Prince are making good contact. Stoeckel looked like he got his swing back after a bit of a layoff but there are a lot of question marks. I have to think a sweep is not out of the question though but pitchers are simply going to have to throw strikes. I'd rather get hit all over the ballpark than walking guys and having to groove 2-1 fastballs to every single hitter.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a positive comment blog. Haviland was impressive but all pitchers struggle and its Cole right now. The worst thing you can tell a pitcher is to throw strikes; like I'm sure he isn't trying to throw them. Brynes and Prince may be making contact but I hope their lack of mobility doesn't hurt this weekend. I would rather see Brynes DH and Griff play second and have Prince ready to pinch hit.

Anonymous said...

I wish the team good luck this weekend and its not out of the question for Brown to lose one or possibly two games and for Harvard to take all four. I do think its important for all; players, coaches, parents to be positve as all athletes have their ups and downs and hopefully one teammate picks up the other. Their are some injuries on the team and some in need of confidence. What someone did in one game doesn't always carry on to the next game, good or bad. GO HARVARD!!!