Sunday, April 08, 2007

Harvard Sweeps Cornell

Read all about it. The boxscore makes it sound like Boomer Eadington was much more in control this week, and Tom Stack-Babich continues to crank out hits. Got observations? Comment away.

Meanwhile: It's not too early to look up at the standings. Interestingly, the perenially surperior Rolfe Division has gone only 12-16 against the Gehrig Division this year (with makeup doubleheaders still to play tomorrow at Brown and Yale), thanks largely to stumbles out of the Ivy gate by Dartmouth and Yale.

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Anonymous said...

Good weekend all things considered. Boomer and Unger could be very good if they can avoid constant lapses that see them go to 3-0 on batters time and time again. Pitching from behind is going to hurt them in the coming weeks. If they get ahead of batters, it could be lights out.

It appears as though all four teams in the Gehrig are better than they were last year. But hey we are still tied for first and have control of our fate.

Yale has some good pitching and some guys who can hurt you at the top of the lineup. It will be imperitive to get ahead in the count on the bottom-order guys this weekend.