Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good hitting meets good pitching

Those of you who answered the poll in the upper right corner of this page: The answer turned out to be Brown. Just ask Dartmouth.

Still, you have to like where Harvard's pitching is going into the weekend, with Shawn Haviland returning to his dominant form of late, Max Perlman teaming with him to form the most lights-out Saturday doubleheader combo since Ben Crockett and Marc Hordon prior to Hordon's labrum injury in 2002 and Brad Unger and Boomer Eadington looking strong in their last starts against Cornell. Brown's rotation isn't quite as deep behind Jeff Dietz.

Anyway, should be an interesting matchup. Feel free to comment on the pivotal (and potentially warm!) weekend ahead in the comments. Or, today's Beanpot loss, in which, notably, Andrew Prince returned to action and Adam Cole threw a clean inning.


Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts. Why was Byrnes stealing with no out in the 8th with 3,4,5 hitters coming up? He is thrown out and now you are basically done. Could have bunted him over and then given two of your better hitters a chance to drive him in. Also if Bruton and/or Cole are your closers, why were they in so early?

Anonymous said...

Byrne was caught stealing on a failed hit and run attempt, Bruton and Cole pitched the last two innings before the two position guys, Wilson and Zailskas came in, which removes the DH from the lineup, can't be done earlier in the game with a limited weekday travel roster.

Anonymous said...

Ok on the pitching, but hit and run in that situation, no way. If it fails, the rally is dead and you are out of the game.