Saturday, April 28, 2007

An awful break

We are officially in trouble.

After Max Perlman predictably shuts down the Big Green in game one, Brad Unger can't follow up after a line drive caroms off his right (pitching) shoulder two outs into the first. Just terrible, terrible luck.

Although he battled characteristically, Unger could never really sette in after that and gave up eight runs. Harvard rallied late but couldn't make up the deficit. Meanwhile, Brown swept Yale today in New Haven. Harvard would need to sweep Dartmouth at home tomorrow (very possible) and have Yale sweep Brown in Providence tomorrow (highly unlikely) in order to extend the Ivy League season.

Feel free to add commentary.

I should also note that Dartmouth's radio broadcast proved enjoyable, with a play-by-play guy who was particularly solid compared to what we're used to out of WDRC.

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