Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pics From Last Night's Game

Courtesy of the AP, here are some pictures from last night's game

Steffan Wilson (it was the first time I've seen the Crimson's gray caps)

Mike Morgalis

Wes Roemer

Danny Dorn

image that was repeated too often last night


Corporal Keck said...

Danny Dorn?

1) Are you sure that isn't Mandy Jacquomino?
2) How long did he watch that one?
3) Did he toss the bat half way to the mound before touching em all?
4) Did somebody get in his face before he hit home?
5) Did Morgalis plunk him next time up?

I recommend a lot of chin music tonight against mizzou.

Faiz said...

Keck, I thought you might enjoy this. Jason Keck's reaction to the loss at Cal State Fullerton back in '98:

["Catcher Keck Blooms In Ivy," New Orleans Times-Picayune, 5/22/98]

"He warned his teammates about the humidity, and he told them and the Harvard coaches he would treat them to heaps of crawfish to celebrate their NCAA regional victory.

"The celebration will have to wait, because Harvard lost, 16-1, to Cal State Fullerton on Thursday, but Newman graduate Jason Keck still plans on making the most of his first trip to Louisiana in Crimson.

'I wish we could could come back out here and show them, show them what kind of ball we were playing in New England to get us into the regional,' said Keck, whose team will play Nicholls State today at 11 a.m. in the double-elimination South II Regional...

Pretty similar sentiment to that expressed by Coach Walsh last night: "We’ll have to bounce back tomorrow,” Walsh said. “And see if we can at least show what we’re capable of doing. We didn’t do that today.”

Anonymous said...

Nice post Corporal Keck...Your boys liked the GRANDSLAM so well insead of plunking him you grooved another right down the middle, and same result HOMERUN!!! Danny is a relative of mine, and one of the nicest kids you could ever know!! Try not to kill such a great moment for the way I also attended MIZZOU, and nice job getting spanked again!! Maybe next year if you can't beat them you can just hit them!!!