Friday, June 03, 2005

Boston Herald Article on Klim

The Boston Herald writes today about what a great effect having a healthy Klimkiewicz has had on the Crimson lineup this year. Coach Walsh speaks high praise about his power. At least the Herald knows first-team All Ivy talent when they see it.

This Boston Globe article from yesterday gets an impression about the team by interviewing Doggie Wheeler.

Wheeler, one of the six seniors who can remember Harvard's last trip to the NCAA Tournament, called the team chemistry the difference between this team and teams that did not reach this point. He noticed things were different this season when the team dressed up the freshmen in ridiculous outfits during their early-season trip to Florida. As the newbies walked around Daytona Beach in skin-tight denim and hideous DayGlo colors, he noticed the team bonding as never before.

Coach Walsh does his usual psychological analysis on the team:

"When they announced we'd be playing Cal State-Fullerton, you would think we'd just won the lottery," Walsh said. ''You could see it in the look of their eyes the next day in practice. They want to get it on."

And, of course, what would an article about the Crimson baseball program be without Coach Walsh talking about a quest for respect:

''We don't think we belong [at the bottom]," Walsh said. ''We got a little chip on our shoulder. We're constantly fighting for respect. Obviously, Harvard is known for its academics. We're trying to get it known for its baseball, too."

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