Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Day After

THC's Alex McPhillips filed this sobering recap on last night's rout:

FULLERTON, Calif.—It took a three-year postseason drought, a mild California night, and, between the raucous 3,604 in attendance and a nationwide television audience tuning in, throngs of eager spectators to bring Harvard College back to the world of big-time college baseball.
And then reality bit back.

Cal State Fullerton (42-15) looked every bit the defending national champions, sending the Crimson (29-16) to the loser’s bracket with a crushing 19-0 defeat.

Big ups to the Crimson for getting a writer out to these games, especially one as good as Alex.

Also of note, the account from theLA Times opens with mention of Dodger GM/Harvard alum Paul DePodesta's visit to wish the Crimson well prior to the game. Contrary to the reporter's wisecracking, I'm sure the team was thrilled at the chance to meet him.

Also, the write-up from the Crimson's SID office (Kevin Anderson does a great job with these) is here and the version from Fullerton's is here. The latter notes that the crowd last night was the second-largest ever at Goodwin Field, which says something considering this is something like the fourth regional Fullerton has hosted since expanding its seating capacity to its current size in 2001. If it wasn't clear already, it is now: Harvard couldn't be on a bigger stage than it is this weekend.

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