Saturday, March 18, 2006

JV baseball guy makes good

A bit of self-indulgence for the writer types among us: Congrats to Jon Paul Morosi '04, former Crimson sportswriter, who was recently named a baseball beat guy at the Detroit Free Press, where he'll get the chance to cover his hometown team, the Tigers. Jon mostly wrote hockey during his stint with the Crimson, but he played plenty of baseball for Harvard's JV squad, and appreciated the Harvard baseball program as much as anyone.

For those of us who paid attention to these things, Jon followed in the tradition of one Daniel G. Habib, Sports Illustrated's baseball insider and all-around legend, as someone who understood not just the sport, but also the craft, better than almost anyone. A good example of Jon's talent can be found here. If we're lucky, maybe Jon will be able to pitch in with an occasional contribution here at SoBB. Props to Marty for finding out about this.

Again: congrats, Jon.

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mb said...

Reading you this season's gonna be a lot of fun, Pope.