Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ask And You Shall Receive...

Some days after the Sons of Bart Brush Preview Spectacular, the Crimson has put its own baseball preview online. Very good stuff here, as usual. Some highlights:

* Morgan Brown is bouncing back from a horrifying summer ball accident, one that recalls an even worse event in recent Harvard baseball history.

* Walsh pretty much sums up the rotation:
Coach Joe Walsh traces a big question mark in the air with his forefinger.
He then pauses, before repeating the exercise and drawing an invisible exclamation point.
“You could throw either one of those on there,” he says.
A lot of other fun tidbits in here as well.

* Matt Vance, lone bright light from last year's NCAAs, wants to bat leadoff. You may recall that Vance had a coming out party this first March weekend last year, and must've had an OBP around .600. Let's see who they bat leadoff: Vance, Salsgiver, maybe this kid Rogers whose speed Walsh loves so much.

* Lance Salsgiver gets remarkably candid about his Harvard career and his expectations: "My college seasons here at Harvard, to be honest, have been pretty mediocre in terms of what I wanted to accomplish... For some reason, I haven’t been able to put together a good season. Every year, it seems as if there’s a slump or two hitting-wise, and the season’s so short that one bad day starts to snowball."

* An ode to the two-sport athlete, an endangered species generally, but less so at O'Donnell.

Read them all and enjoy.

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