Saturday, March 11, 2006

The At-the-Game Report: Game Two

More from our eyes in Gainesville... LAS wrote this up AND took pictures for us... SoBB is grateful... and amused that she figured into the answer to between-innings Florida-Harvard trivia question...

"Haviland looked pretty good early -- a few too many balls, but good -- but this time of year all the guys don't have much stamina on the mound yet, and it showed as the game went on. His curve ball -- which looked sharp early -- started not to fall in, and Walsh had to pull him. Then the bull pen had some of the same difficulties as yesterday, though there were definitely fewer walks."

"The biggest difference between Florida and Harvard right now (when Florida's not really hitting and missing LaPorta) is the bullpen. The Augenstein was lights out again (with the exception of his last frame), and then the Gators brought in O'Day (a submariner, who is their closer), and he was very good after giving up a hit to open the inning. Lack of bullpen depth is clearly an issue for the Crimson in games like this. Ryan Watson battled hard in his debut -- I don't think he allowed an earned run -- but he walked too many guys. With a team in an offensive slump like Florida, you need strike throwers, and no one coming out of the pen the past two days seemed to come in and put the ball over the plate early and often. It's early in the season and this is the kind of thing that can be remedied. It will also get less important as you reach Ivies -- where starters go longer, and 1/2 the games are only seven innings -- but it will probably be an issue tomorrow. Let's hope Javi can eat up some innings, and someone can get the ball to Wilson with a Harvard lead (unless, of course, Chas is pitching)."

"Aside from that, let's see. Lance had a pretty good day, getting clean hits off of both Florida pitchers, and showing off his arm on a throw from the far right field corner that hit third base on what I think was one bounce. The infield play got a little sloppy near the end of the game, but overall the defense and situational baseball has been pretty darn good for this time of the season."

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