Monday, March 10, 2008

Open Thread - Baseball America and the season's start

Baseball America likes the Crimson. Nice, sure. But I'd think unexpected.

Meanwhile, the season has started. Here's an open thread for those following the trip.


Anonymous said...

What are you going to say? They had chance to take one in dbl header but relief pitching and slip up at 2b took the win a away.

Shawn looked good bad winds blew a few out

Eric looked rusty but he will be fine needs to get warmer and more reps

Jon looked shaky in his first innings but settled down will also get better

Remember fist day out of the box against a very good team all in all very optimistic

Go Crimson!

Anonymous said...

Boomer and Strangio had another rough start in FL. Had a chance with bases loaded in the 9th but could only score 1 more. If they could start the games in the 4th inning and get past the jitters, they'd do alright.